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2013 Industrial Animation Reel 03:50

What I do.

     While based in Houston, Texas my work has been seen around the world, including being projected on the Times Square Jumbotron, played in the palace of versailles, and other cultural heritage locations. I have worked with a variety of world renowned people and organizations including, but not limited to, the National Geographic Society, The United Nations and Dr Zahi Hawass.

     I utilize current technologies and design trends to create stunning visual work for my clientele in a variety of industries.  I have worked in the fields of oil and gas visualizations, medical simulations, television and film production, litigation graphics/animation and architecture.  I have the experience you need whether you need models and rigging for a video game, pre-viz for a live-action film, motion graphics for a television program's bumps and titles or even production on an animated feature.  I also offer non-linear editing services, visual effects for features, video production and commercial graphic design.

I currently offer animation, motion graphics, concept and design services in the following industries:

Oil and Gas: Located squarely in the energy capital of United States has helped me gain an insight into the needs and complexities of the oil and gas industry. Whether you need to illustrate safety procedures and protocols clearly and effectively or you need to showcase innovations in technology and engineering, I will do the job with an unparalleled eye toward quality and OSHA compliance.

Architecture: Translate your architect's blueprints and floorplans into a stunning three-dimensional walk-through of a proposed building or development. Whether you supply your architect's CAD or obj files or simply the blueprints I can render your work accurately and effectively. Regardless of the complexity of your roof-plan or the difficult angles in your plot map my models are explicit in their accuracy. I can even provide high resolution print-ready stills of our model that can be effectively used as perspectives and elevations for marketing your project.

Medical: One of the more difficult aspects of a doctor's job can be dealing with a patient's fear and confusion of an impending medical procedure. Understanding a treatment is the best way to combat that fear and animation is a proven method of effectively explaining in simple terms even the most complex procedures to a nervous patient. From illustrating a PTA Stent placement or explaining why the less invasive endoAAA is far preferable for recovery than the openAAA, my animation is exactly what you need to calm a patient's nerves and prepare them for their role in their treatment.

Play some samples of my oil and gas animation below.

Hooking chains to a Midwater Arch
Hydrophones in tow
FPSO in 100 year storm
How a Pumpjack works

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